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Going to the Sun Road

(also see Libby to Eureka Montana)

Bicycling in Glacier National Park Montana


Image map for Montana ridesGet ready for some great cycling adventures for you and your family. When you’ve picked the ride you want, just click the button and download the map for output on your own printer!

We’ve chosen some of the best cycling routes in Montana for your perusal. They’re graded by difficulty and length, so you can find a short, easy ride that’s just right for you and your family, or a longer multi-day adventure. Go to the index below for a list and description of the currently-available rides. We’re adding more rides all the time, so check back before you throw your bikes on the rack and head for the Big Sky Country. (What, no bike? Check out these bicycle rental locations.)

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Bike Across America 2010

Whitefish, Mt To Lake McDonald-Glacier National Park

July 1, 2010
39 miles

Most of the group went downtown in the early morning. Ed went back to Glacier Cyclery and bought a “Going to the Sun” jersey. The superstitious side of me made me not want to buy one as I did not know if I will make it tomorrow over the pass.

Later in the morning we rode the back roads out of Whitefish to avoid the traffic. Some of the county roads were peaceful with little traffic. It was a nice morning. Eventually we hooked with Hwy 2 heading east and the traffic picked up.

Early morning in Whitefish….

(Ed. note – Another nice read and more good photos here – Bob)

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Bruce & Dana’s Northern Tier Bicycle Tour

May 29, 2011 · 1:53 pm

Day 15-West Glacier to Essex+10

38.3 miles-dry day with rare sunshine-temps 40 to 50- moderate headwind this afternoon.
After blueberry pancake breakfast we started east on familiar highway 2. The old railroad lodge at West Glacier was worthy of a picture as were the scenery shots. We followed the middle fork of the Flathead river to Essex.

We learned about Essex from a couple during dinner on Amtrak so we stopped for a visit. The Issac Walton Inn was built in 1939 to house train crews needed to keep the tracks open during the Rocky Mountain winters. Lunch was split pea soup and a roll.

We called ahead to the Snow Slip Inn to inquire about a room so on we went for 10 miles. The road went up Goat Lick Hill which we are told is the steepest part of the climb to Marias pass. We are perhaps 10 miles short of the pass so are ideally positioned for that challenge tomorrow. With snow alongside the building we are very thankful the heat works well…..

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Northern Tier Cross-country Cycling Tour, NT Section 2

June 9 to June 19, Sandpoint ID to Cut Bank MT

6/13/05 Monday, Whitefish MT 11 miles Logan Pass is still closed so we are laying over in Whitefish. The group decided to eat out tonight and there is free breakfast at the KOA so Don and I have an easy cook day.

We rode the 5 miles into town to do some personal shopping and buy lunch for the group tomorrow. I bought a new shower cap for my Brooks leather saddle and a patch kit. The lady in the Chamber of Commerce said the pass is open! 6/14/05 Tuesday, Lake McDonald MT 39 miles The weather was sunny and pleasant in the morning but got cold in the afternoon………………

(Ed. note – Some nice photos here – Bob)

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BikeQuest Bicycle Touring Company

BikeQuest provides a more sophisticated style of travel for independent cyclists on their bike ride across America – providing a van supported trip stretching 4295 miles from Washington to Maine along the Northern Tier route. Groups are small and intimate consisting a maximum of 16 riders. If you’re looking for a van supported hotel tour this could be a trip for you.

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Ed. note – 

The “Going to the Sun Road” in Glacier National Park is not open all year round.  
It opens when it can be plowed open and closes due to heavy snowfall.   

Make sure to get up to date information as it may change daily.

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