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Cleanable – Reusable Water Filter Cartridge

 Cleanable – Re-usable – Inexpensive – 80,000 gallons
The RS19 is a 150 micron polyester cartridge for OMNI’s U25U30OB1, and OB5 Whole House water filters, the Omni Undersink OT32 as well as the older models R12, R14 and Omni Regular Whole House water filters. 
It has a larger micron size than cartridges RS1 and RS3, which makes it ideal for removing larger rust and sediment particles, sand and small gravel from your water before finer filtering. Best for people who need a sand pre-filter (for an OT32)  and all well water applications. 

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Droppers.

Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Replacement water filter cartridges for your Omni Water Filter
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or See a chart comparing these cartridge characteristics for easier selection.

Replacement Cartridges by Type and by Model Numbers

Identify and get cartridges and orings for your older Omni Filter water filters

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Whole House Water Filter Units

Whole House Filter Units
& Replacement Cartridges – for Standard Household Use 
(also see heavy duty – high capacity whole house water filters)
Provides clean water to all your faucets and appliances in your entire home.

Best Seller – Water Filter Unit – Model U30
Medium Duty – (With Filter Bypass Valve)

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RV and Trailer Water Filters

RV & Travel Trailers – Water Filters
& Replacement Cartridges

Provides clean, great tasting water for drinking, cooking, coffee, tea, and juices! Quick Change Under Sink Drinking Water filter provides great tasting water with an easy to change filter cartridge. Also cumbersome O-ring changes are a thing of the past with this series, because the O-rings are preinstalled onto the cartridge. When the cartridge is changed so are the O-rings.