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Activities for families and children during quarantine

As schools and workplaces transition to online operations, many families with children have found themselves at home juggling schoolwork, parental duties and little bodies that never seem to stop moving. Museums, arcades, jump parks and other family friendly locations are also closed. But, with a little planning and creativity the whole family can thrive during an extended period of social…

The Science of Well-Being

Coursera - Yale University

A Free course offered by Yale University about what makes us happy, (backed up by data and scientific studies) and how we can in fact become happier. This course includes not just information, but also practical tips. The focus of the class is to help you become happier, not just learn information. The Science of Well-Being

Healthy Living Resources

Healthy Living Popular Topics from the Centers of Disease Control Alcohol and Public Health Antibiotic Resistance Arthritis Birth Defects Body Mass Index Breastfeeding Cancer Prevention CDC Health Disparities & Inequalities Report (CHDIR) Colorectal Cancer Control Program Diabetes Prevention Disability and Health Environmental Health Epilepsy Folic Acid Food Safety Healthy Weight Heart Disease High Blood Pressure Injury, Violence and Safety Insure…

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