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Healthy & Safe Riding

There are healthy and safe ways to ride.  Defensive driving is the best option.  Always be aware of those around you.

You can’t avoid all dangerous situations, but you can take the steps to have a safe motorcycle experience. The key is preparing yourself before you ride, knowing what to look for during a ride, and knowing what to do when you recognize danger. It’s crucial to prioritize your own safety and the safety of those around you. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate safety guide with an extensive list of motorcycle safety tips for new and (veteran) riders to help you minimize dangerous motorcycle situations and enjoy your time on the road. 



The helmet is the single most important piece of safety equipment you need to wear while riding a motorcycle. According to the NHTSA, In 2016, 2,089 motorcyclists lost their lives by not wearing a helmet. Almost all states require a helmet while riding.

Entry-level recommendation: GLX GX11 Compact Lightweight Unisex Helmet

Be sure you wear a helmet that is DOT certified or compliant with the current European safety standard 22.05. The DOT-certified helmet should have the manufacturer name, model, the text FMVSS218, and DOT on the helmet.

When choosing a helmet, you’ll need to decide if you like a full-face, ¾ coverage, or ½ coverage helmet the best. The full-face will offer the most protection for your face and head, while the ½ helmet will provide the least of the three options. Any of the options should fit snugly on your head without being uncomfortably tight, or loose enough to twist back and forth without moving your cheeks in the process. Here are our recommendations on the safest motorcycle helmets.


A good motorcycle jacket can offer safety far beyond regular clothing and provide superior protection from the environment and in an event of a fall. Consider it the second most important piece of gear to wear on the road.

Textile Motorcycle Jacket For Men Dualsport Enduro Jacket
Entry-level recommendation: HWK Dualsport Jacket For Men

When you start looking for your first motorcycle jacket, shop based on the function and fit before choosing a design. It should fit snugly like a helmet should, but not be uncomfortably tight or too loose. Look for a quality material that will be durable and function in the environment you plan to ride in.

If you plan to ride only on a closed racetrack, it may be best to look for a leather jacket or suit. For casual off-road riding, a textile-material may be the better option. There isn’t a true clothing standard to go by to ensure quality, but we recommend buying the thickest material available for abrasion resistance. Choose jackets that offer built-in protection, and look for those that have enough pockets to store everything you’ll need to carry (license, registration, etc.). For additional info, check out our tips on choosing the safest motorcycle jacket.

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