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How I Healed From Childhood PTSD

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Lately, a lot of people have been writing to ask me about no-cost options for healing Childhood PTSD. For more than two years, I’ve beens sharing the two free techniques I used to recover, but the instructions are spread out on different blog posts, and so this week, I’m putting the whole sequence in one post!

Some background:
We used to think that the symptoms of Childhood PTSD were primarily psychological. But we now know that abuse, neglect and chronic stress in childhood tend to cause brain and nervous system dysregulation, and that THIS is the root cause of many of our harshest symptoms, including ADHD, depression, broken relationships and even weight problems and heart disease.

The Techniques
In 1994, I learned a daily practice that healed my own chronic dysregulation — quite by accident, and this allowed me to begin a dramatic process of transformation. The daily practice is comprised of two techniques — 1) twice-daily writing of fears and resentments, and 2) twice-daily mantra meditation. I tell the story and teach the writing exercise in the video below. If you would also like written instructions for the writing exercise you can download them here.

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