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Is This Your Idea of a Nice Sunday Ride?

sunday cycling

Sunday Ride?

Not mine either…

Red bull Rampage. Each rider has a team that creates a line with input from the rider on how extreme they want it to be a d which route down the cliff they want to take. Rider knows exactly which line to take because it’s his unique trail down the cliffside. There are some shared features that the riders hit which are usually wooden ramps or drops (check out the Oakley drop on YouTube from previous Rampages), but the rest of the dirt jumps and trails are made by their team.

It’s a judged event and it is expected that you not only descend down the cliff, but that you also do insanely dangerous stunts off of the features because if you don’t, you won’t score well.

Always worth a watch.

This is Red Bull Rampage, an event in which riders go down steep slopes in Utah that they dug themselves the week before (with a small team). They are judged on flow, style and tricks, but not on time, since each rider has a different line. In case you are wondering what a crash looks like:
Here are two perspectives on Nicholi Rogatkins scary crash. He did ride away with no serious injuries.

POV of his crash
Outside view of his crash

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